Welcome to Tyler's GKNU!

Hi! Welcome to my GKNU website. The Purpose of this site is to learn the art of SEO and how to attain a high PR! The keywords we were given were "Okanecert" and "Crankdatmac."

The words we selected both have significant meanings to our class. The first word, Okanecert, has two words hidden within it. Okane is a japanese word meaning "money" and cert is short for certification. We are all trying to acquire our SEO certification this year and our teacher, Mr. Mac, decided to have use experiment with the art of SEO by optimizing our own personal pages. The second word, Crankdatmac, was a word we made up that has comical meaning. It uses our teachers name in a word while combining crank that Mac at the same time. The prize is $100 dollars so wish me luck!


A new word is created!! 8/26/07

Yet another new word is created. Yeah boi, you just cant resist. 8/26/07

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